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Whenever in any given context a man is talked about; the visual that corresponds is that of a tall well built man with luscious hair. A man’s hair is his mane; his ego, his pride; however what does one do when this pride seems to fall away due to genetics? All life does not end if a man goes bald but with every bald patch his confidence slowly deteriorates. 

In such a hopeless situation; Ultra Herbal decided that there needs to be a solution to baldness, surely in such a rapidly technological world there must be something that they could do! Ultra Herbal created Provillus as the answer to baldness. Provillus is a spray which not only prevents hair loss but also stimulates the growth of new hair without any kind of surgery. Provillus consists of ingredient which has been approved from the Food and Drug Administration. Provillus establishes itself by a simple 3R Formula for your hair; “Regrow, Reverse and Revitalise”

Benefits of product

·         It is a spray system therefore you won’t be making any foamy messes on your head
·         After being sprayed topically it will quickly be absorbed by the scalp
·         Helps prevent hair thinning
·         Helps prevent hair loss
·         Helps induce the growth of hair in a natural manner by stimulating your scalp
·         Provillus restores your hair without any surgery
·         No need for hair transplants
·         Does not have any Sulfate
·         Can be used on thinning dyed hair

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How it works?

For individuals who suffer from the genetic disorder of Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), Provillus is the ultimate answer to their worries as it enriches and stimulates hair follicles which may have become dormant or dead. The combination of herbal ingredients in Provillus Supplements reproduce healthy hair, which are thick and not pigmented. 

Provillus consists of one particular ingredient which is given all due credit for making Provillus such a success, this ingredient is known as Minoxidil. It is stipulated that the ingredient Minoxidil in Provillus is a dehydroxytestoterone inhibitor which means that it stimulates blood flow towards dead follicles and in turn also blocks the hormone DHT (dehydroxytestoterone) which is the culprit behind Male Pattern Baldness.

What are the expected results?

Within just a few weeks of regular application of Provillus Hair Growth Supplements; the user will see a visible change whereas bald patches will begin to have come alive with thick and luscious hair. 

The bald patches or thinning hair will be replaced with visibly thick hair and this happens because the Provillus hair growth supplements ensure that dormant hair follicles are stimulated and provided nutrition with the proper combination of herbal ingredients, iron, zinc, calcium and B6 complex so that the hair follicles grow in size. Hair is made of a protein named Keratin, which is enriched by Provilus.

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How to use it?

Provillus comes in a combination of tablets and a spray whereas the tablets are consumed orally and the spray is used only on places which require stimulation for hair growth. The spray may either be applied through a spray or a dropper as per the convenience of the user.

The oral tablets provide mineral based nutrition while the spray has a unique method of stimulating and nourishing the hair follicles. Provillus follows a 3 step program where first it strengthens the hair protein then it creates a layer of protection on the hair follicles against cortisol and DHT (hormones which cause male pattern baldness) and lastly the hair follicles initiate their regular hair growth pattern since they are no longer being inhibited by Male Pattern Baldness creating hormones.

Provillus should be ideally used twice a day in order to reap maximum benefit, early in the morning before going to sleep and late at night before turning in. It is important to realise that Provillus needs to be continually used in order to keep those dead follicles activated and enriched. If the user skips on using Provillus as per schedule then there is no guarantee for any results at all as the user needs to observe strict discipline if they intend to see any visible results within the speculated time period.

Any side effects

Since Provillus has an active ingredient of Minoxidil which has been approved from the Food and Drug Administration therefore it is relatively safer to other hair growth supplements in the market. However, a user needs to realise that any supplement must be used in moderation and as per the approved dosage mentioned on the prescription. 

While it is true that after few weeks of using Provillus; the scalp will stimulate hair growth but it is important to realise that increasing the dosage substantially will not induce faster hair growth but instead may lead to side effects. The side effects of over dosage may include dizziness, itchy scalp, swelling of the lips or tongue, breathing difficulties and a possible allergic reaction to Minoxidil.

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